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Best.in.th :: To love somebody...

when you need someone who is true someone who shall always be there for you when you need someone to hold you tight to stand by yourside through all the night when you need a heart that loves you deep a heart to guard your soul when you're asleep then you need a friend like me days pass by & you shall see true love comes with every beat of my heart you know I'll never let you apart I'll protect your heart from hurt & pain I'll bring back life once again.

when you need someone that shall never lie someone to dry your tears each time you cry when you need a romance that shall live forever a romance that shall keep you both together when you need someone to put your heart in his hand someone who can really understand then you need a friend like me……………………..

I'll love you forever till the end of time I'll take over your heart,soul & mind BUT, if you once lost this friend then beautiful dream has come to an end your hearts shall no longer be together SO you've lost a part of you FOREVER.

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